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Psychological assessments are used when the cause of difficulties is unclear and can’t be found through an interview alone. Physicians will sometimes request an evaluation to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning.  

When you come to us for an evaluation, we'll give you a series of simple tests to help figure out how we can best help you.


After scoring your tests, we'll write you a report and give you some feedback to discuss the results. Assessments involve between two to seven hours in the evaluation, depending on the tests required to address the reported problems.

Psychological testing that truly help

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When are psychological assessments used?

 •  Learning Disabilities

 •  Depression and Anxiety

 •  Attention - Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

 •  Dementia

 •  Memory Problems

 •  Anger Problems

 •  Impulse - Control Problems

Psychological assessments are conducted to assess the following problems:

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Providing you with caring mental health care


Campbell Psychological Services, PLLC offers psychological assessments catered to the specific problems reported.  Assessments involve an interview, where the examiner asks for information needed to evaluate a person, along with psychological tests. Depending on the reason for the assessment, a variety of tests may be given. Cognitive ability and achievement tests involve engaging in a number of different tasks that measure strengths and weaknesses in areas including: school subjects, memory, and attention. Personality tests most often ask a person to rate how similar certain statements are to them.