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Campbell Psychological Services, PLLC provides psychotherapy for adults, teenagers, and children.


Dr. Campbell's approach to psychotherapy is cognitive-behavioral and humanistic, and he focuses on the impact of your thoughts and behaviors to help treat you.

Psychotherapy involves identifying the main problems you’re experiencing and translating this into goals for treatment. Our office attempts to find the best approach to help you reach these goals, with an emphasis on finding techniques supported by research.

Develop goals with our therapist

Get the help you need no matter your age

 •  Depression

 •  Anxiety

 •  Bipolar Disorder

 •  Inability to cope with stress or loss

 •  Caregiver Stress

 •  Anger problems

 •  Adjustment Issues

 •  Bereavement

Problems Often Seen Include:

Mental health can be sensitive and it is not brought up outside of our sessions. All the services you will receive with us will be confidential, and all content of our therapy sessions and evaluations will not be discussed with anyone else, unless you specifically request for information to be shared with others.

We'll keep it confidential

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When you work with us, we'll help you find effective ways to attend to your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions to help you reach your goals.

Parent Groups:


Groups for parents seeking help in behavior management techniques for children with ADHD and/or defiance are available. This is a nine-week group approach, with sessions lasting an hour and a half.